Cures all poisoned party members. There is a chance of failure.


  • The description is inaccurate; there is no chance of failure.
  • Can be cancelled with skills.
  • Leveling this skill increases its range, and decreases its cooldown.
  • Does not remove any debuff except poisons.
    • Poisons have the following icon: Tia Plaster

Skill TableEdit

Skill Lv. Required Lv. Mp- Range Reuse
1 10 29 50 20sec
2 16 43 60 16sec
3 22 58 70 12sec
4 28 75 75 8sec

Player OpinionEdit

  • Most players do not learn this skill, as poisons are uncommon. Moreover, the damage taken from poisons can be mitigated by healing.

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