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Arien is a peace-loving Elf, but she has a strong sense of duty to protect her Elven forest against intruders. She does everything in her power, including using force, as long as it is to protect her home. Being a friend of Wind, Fire, and Lightning Fairies, she has learned how to endow arrows with these elemental attributes; she is the only Elven archer who shoots elemental arrows. She is enthusiastic to learn new things, and has two secret hobbies: she bends the bow without an arrow to an invisible enemy and strolls into the Elven forest.


Arien is an archer. However, many of her skills are more like magic, and she can also be good at close range; she is known for her High Kick, Lightning Arrow combo which deals significant damage at close range.

Arien's 'S' shoots a ranged arrow which deals half the damage of her normal attacks.


  • Arien is a free character, and does not need to be unlocked.


Wind elemental attack.

E1Skill01 E1Skill02 E1Skill03 E1Skill04 E1Skill05 E1Skill06 E1Skill07 Myth E1Skill05

Lightning elemental attack.

E2Skill01 E2Skill02 E2Skill03 E2Skill04 E2Skill05 E2Skill06 Myth E2Skill04 Myth E2Skill05 ElfArcher SkillLv75

Fire elemental attack.

E3Skill01 E3Skill02 E3Skill03 E3Skill04 Myth E3Skill04

Cast a Blessing Spell on your friends to enhance some of their abilities for a duration.


Enhance some of your abilities permanently.

IncreasedMana IncreasedHealth DeadlyBlows Concentration HealthRegeneration ManaRegeneration Passive INCDef






Arien was revamped on 1st July 2018. (Patch Notes)

  • Arien was changed from DEX to INT type.
  • All of Arien's wind skills were changed to deal wind elemental damage, instead of physical damage.
  • Almost every skill has had its damage tweaked.
  • Many skills have had functional improvements.


  • Arien has the same stats as Ryan.

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