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Arta is the light-hearted and pleasant lead engineer of Henry's Lab. Her genius allowed her to graduate Teruel Private School within a year, only to accept employment in Henry's Lab because she could create anything of her liking there. She has participated in most of the projects at Henry's Lab; including Jack, Charlotte, and, most recently, a time machine. Most of her energy was spent on the creation of this time machine, which turned out a success. However, when she tried to go back in time, Henry, who knew the dangers involved, persuaded her not to use the new time machine. But this was merely a temporary deterrence to her insatiable curiosity. Arta, with full confidence in her own combat-oriented devices, activated the time machine to travel back in time, never suspecting the danger that would befall her.


Arta is an Engineer. Her skills are slow, but powerful.

Arta is the only character who has her own unique "Refining" and "Crafting" skills. "Refining" skills refine raw materials into jewels or usable cannons, while "Crafting" skills craft materials used in fortification and light fortification of accessories.


Uses mechanical devices to attack enemies in combat.

AR1Skill01 AR1Skill02 AR1Skill03 AR1Skill04 AR1Skill05 AR1Skill06 AR1Skill07 AR1Skill08

Extracts special metal or energy from decomposing ores.

AR2Skill10 AR2Skill11 AR2Skill12

Fortifies minor accessories or support equipment.

AR3Skill01 AR3Skill02 AR3Skill03 AR3Skill04 AR3Skill05 AR3Skill06

Uses a magical blessing on your party members to enhance certain abilities for a set amount of time.
Enhance some of your abilities permanently.

IncreasedMana IncreasedHealth DeadlyBlows Concentration HealthRegeneration ManaRegeneration Passive INCDef

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