Alchemy Reagents, also known as "Reagents" for short, are items that are required when using certain skills, typically those in the "Bless" tab. Some skills may require more reagents as the skill level increases.

Alchemy reagents may be purchased from the potion stores in the square, under the "Reagent" tab. Jewel of Life costs 15 G each, while all other reagents cost 30 S each.

All alchemy reagents except for Jewel of Life may be randomly dropped from enemies in stages, obtained at random when selecting "Box with 20 reagents" as a reward from the Collecting brown carps quest, or selected as a reward from the Collecting green carps quest.

Alchemy Reagent
Reagent 001 Reagent 005 Reagent 002 Reagent 003 Jewel 005 Reagent 004 Reagent 006 Cobweb 002 Drop Jewel 001
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