Eternal Lunia has several custom changes that are different from official Lunia. Below is a list of changes.

Please note that the list may not be exhaustive.

Custom FeaturesEdit

  • The cash shop does not sell random boxes; instead, you may directly purchase the fashionable items you want. All fashionable items have no stats, and all pets have the same stats.
  • New Conquests system added. Conquest objectives are not explicitly stated, but the description and title will provide hints on how to complete them.
  • You may create a PVP Character by using 'PVP' anywhere in your character's name; it will start at level 75, but is only usable for PVP.
  • The maximum member count on all levels of guilds has been changed to 20, and joining a guild or family will enroll your entire account while using only one slot.
  • You may hide the UI by holding down 'F11'.

General ChangesEdit

  • History stages have been replaced with Legend stages, with mobs scaled down to the appropriate level.
    • Gear dropped is the old history gear
  • Exp from fishing reduced to one-third.
  • Rebirth system reworked.
    • Each character only rebirths once.
    • Rebirth does not reset level nor quests.
    • Level cap is 60 before rebirth. Rebirthing removes the level cap and brings the player to level 61.

Equipment ChangesEdit

  • Daru's Set set effect changed:
    • 3 Set Effect: Defense +75
    • 5 Set Effect: Strength +9
    • 7 Set Effect: applied damage's 2.0%Amount Mana Recovery(Chance: 100.0%)
  • Tarasque's Set set effect changed:
    • 2 Set Effect gives a 25% chance that physical critical hits will poison the target. The poison lasts 30 seconds, and deals 25 damage every 2 seconds, for a total of 375 damage. This may not proc more than once every 15 seconds.
    • 4 Set Effect gives a 10% chance to get a self-buff upon using a skill. The buff increases physical critical hit chance by 20% for 20 seconds. This may not proc more than once every 20 seconds.
    • 6 Set Effect gives a 35% chance to get a self-buff upon using a skill. The buff gives a 10% chance that no MP will be consumed upon using a skill for 20 seconds, similar to the Concentration ability. This may not proc more than once every 30 seconds.

Quest ChangesEdit

  • Peyton's Guild quests reworked:
    • 2-10, 3-10, and 4-10 have a daily quest that gives:
      • Experience
      • Guild Point Voucher (Cash)
      • "Appreciation Voucher" for the respective stage
    • 2-10, 3-10, and 4-10 have a weekly quest (resets on Sunday) to redeem 3x "Appreciation Voucher" for a reward of your choice
  • Hemingway's Collecting brown carps coin box reworked.
    • Chance to give:
      • 1 G 50 S
      • 2 G
      • 2 G 50 S
    • No change to other selectable rewards.
  • Shaw's "Exchange to additional Gift Box of Star" removed.

Character RebalancesEdit

All CharactersEdit

  • All characters have been rebalanced to their ~v3.1 state.
  • All characters are free, and do not need to be unlocked.
  • Ability passive skills have been normalized. All characters have the same abilities.
    • Critical passive is now Deadly Blows, and affects both physical and magical attacks.
    • Increased Health and Increased Mana give a percentage bonus, in addition to the flat bonus.
    • All characters have Concentration and Health Regeneration, in addition to the abilities they would normally have.
    • A defense-increasing passive, Thicc Skin, has been added
    • Specialization skills have been removed
    • Passives which increase damage, stats, or speed have been removed.
    • "Minimise the Damage" has been removed.
  • Skill prerequisites removed.


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