Compression Device
The compression system is a feature that allows players to compress a stack of items into a single stackable item, saving inventory space. It can be accessed from the Compression Device in the Aquarius square, south of the fountain.

Items that can be compressed:

  • Fortification Stone
  • Catalyst
  • Dimly Shining Jewel
  • Shining Jewel
  • Brightly Shining Jewel
  • Cold Shining Jewel


To compress an item, speak to the Compression Device. If you have enough items to compress, a quest to do so will be visible. There is a small fee for compression.


To decompress an item, right click on it.

Alternatively, speak to the Compression Device. If you have compressed items, a quest to decompress them will be visble.

Decompression is free.


  • This system was released during the Dainn Revamp patch on 27th June 2018.
  • A video of the compression system prototype was published a few hours before the patch.