Eternal Lunia is played primarily with the keyboard. Below are the default controls. You may change the default key settings via the options. (ESC → F10)

  • Directional keys: Movement. Dash by pressing the same direction twice, or by pressing X.
  • A: Basic attack
  • S: Special action. Varies depending on character. Used in conjunction with A for basic combos; refer to each character's combo list (F8) for more details. If near an NPC, talks to the NPC.
  • Spacebar: Down attack. Attacks an enemy that has fallen to the ground.
  • I: Inventory
  • M: Skills. Learn new skills, or drag them into quick slots with the Left Mouse Button (LMB) for easy use.
  • 1~0, QWERTY: Quick slots. Drag and drop skills or items into quick slots for easy use.
  • F: Voice Chatting
  • B: Emote
  • Esc: Menu
  • F6: Stores menu. Allows easy access to the various stores. Only usable in squares.
  • Left Mouse Button (LMB): Drag and drop items and skills into quickslots, or rearrange items in your inventory.
    • Shift+LMB: Split a stack of items
    • Ctrl+LMB: Preview the possible contents of a box.
    • Double Click: Talk to NPC
  • Right Mouse Button (RMB): Use an item or skill, open a box, or purchase and sell items at a store. Hold and drag to adjust camera angle.
    • Shift+RMB: Allows you to specify the quantity of items to be purchased or sold when at a store.
  • Mouse wheel: Adjust zoom

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