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This 19-year-old young man is a promising and favored apprentice of Chief Mage "Rigel", the head of the Lunia Royal Court Mages.

Dainn is practicing to become a guardian mage for the kingdom.

Having sensed ominous energy surrounding the world, Chief Mage Rigel sent Dainn on a mission to investigate the dark energy.

Dainn is heroic and righteous as well as gifted with magic. His goal is to protect the peace of his kingdom. While studying at the royal court, he has learned a variety of offensive magic spells. By combining these spells, he can create his own spell attacks.


Dainn is a wizard. While his normal attacks are unimpressive, he has a wide repertoire of spells, ranging from AoEs, long-ranged magic, and combo skills. Many of his skills deal high damage, but have long cooldowns and cast times.

Dainn can recharge MP by holding down 'S'.


  • Dainn is tied with Dacy for the lowest Str growth.
  • Dainn is tied with Dacy and Yuki for the lowest Vit growth.


Freeze the opponent or inflict damage on the opponent by using an Ice Magic.

IceMissle I1Skill01 IceDragonSky IcePillar IceWall IceRing Dainn FrostMage

Burn the opponent by using a Fire Magic to inflict continuous damage.

FireBolt FireMissle

You can use an Earth Magic to inflict heavy damage on the opponent.

Dainn SkillLv75

Cast a Blessing Spell on your friends to enhance some of their abilities for a duration.

Dainn Llmana Dainn FireDef Dainn IceDef Dainn LandResist

Enhance some of your abilities permanently.

IncreasedMana IncreasedHealth DeadlyBlows Concentration HealthRegeneration ManaRegeneration Passive INCDef



  • In the Old Norse language, "Dáinn" means "dead".
  • In Norse mythology, "Dáinn" is the name of:
    • A dwarf, believed to have forged the cursed sword "Dáinsleif" (Dáinn's legacy)
    • One of the four stags of Yggdrasil

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