Summons a magical pentagram that burns with powerful flames.

Attribute effect:Physical

Additional EffectsEdit

  • Level 1: Dash Cancel


  • Immune to Immobilization lasts for about 0.7 seconds from the start of the skill.
  • Cannot be skill cancelled.
  • Dash cancel is possible 0.2 seconds after the first hit.
  • If the skill is interrupted before 0.31 seconds, it will not be cast.
  • If the skill is interrupted or cancelled cancelled between 0.31~1.03 seconds, the skill will still be cast, but does not deal full damage.
  • If the skill is interrupted or cancelled after 1.03 seconds, it still deals the full damage.

All Iris SkillsEdit

Swiftly attack enemies near and far with the chain sword.

IS1Skill01 IS1Skill04 IS1Skill03 IS1Skill02 IS1Skill05 Myth IS1Skill04 Myth IS1Skill02

Attacks the enemy with the power of crimson flame.

IS2Skill01 IS2Skill02 IS2Skill05 IS2Skill03 IS2Skill04 Myth IS2Skill03 Iris SkillLv75 Iris B3Skill04

Attacks the enemy with a powerful flame.

IS3Skill03 IS3Skill04 IS3Skill02 IS3Skill01 IS3Skill05 Myth IS3Skill03

Cast a Blessing Spell on your friends to enhance some of their abilities for a duration.

IS4Skill04 IS4Skill03 IS4Skill02 IS4Skill01

Enhance some of your abilities permanently.

IncreasedMana IncreasedHealth DeadlyBlows Concentration HealthRegeneration ManaRegeneration Passive INCDef

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