What is a conquest and why am I unable to complete it?Edit

Conquests are an achievement system unique to Eternal Lunia. Their clear conditions are not explicitly stated; instead, hints are given in the quest's title and/or description.

Note that due to the nature of conquests, none of the players are certain of the exact clear conditions. As such, guides may not be accurate.

If you are unable to complete a conquest, you are doing it wrong. The conquest is not bugged, as it has been tested by the staff prior to release.

See also: Conquests

Why am I unable to create a party for a history stage?Edit

History is history, and has been replaced by legend. As such, you should instead select "legend" if you are trying to create a party via the party list.

How do I reset my skills?Edit

Starting from level 20, Guild Office Director Peyton will offer a daily quest to kill Drake in 2-10. Clearing this quest will give an Stage1 Appreciation Voucher (Ep2). 3 of these vouchers may be traded in for a Skill Reset Card (1 Hour), which allows you to reset your skills an unlimited amount of times within the next hour.

How do I hide the UI and take a screenshot?Edit

The UI may be hidden by holding down the F11 key. The default key for taking a screenshot is printscreen.

Why are the floors black?Edit

If you have checked "Reduce client lag" in the options, the client will replace the textures of the ground with black. Uncheck it and restart your client to revert it back to normal.


Why do myth boxes give Fortification Stones?Edit

Myth gear progression has been reworked. Currently, the only ways to get myth gear is through upgrading your existing myth gear, or crafting from a relic dropped from the boss. As such, any old myth boxes have been mostly removed or replaced by new myth boxes, but those that inadvertently remain will only drop Fortification Stones.

Why does my Hard Knockdown (HKD) sometimes not work on myth mechanics?Edit

All characters have a chance to immobilise, based on their damage stat and class-type stat. If you are undergeared for a myth stage, your immobilise chance will be too low to guarantee a 100% HKD rate.

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