Summons a powerful ray of darkness by drawing a magic circle. Until the ray vanishes, all enemies trapped inside continue to receive damage.


  • Cannot be cancelled.
  • Can hit at very high heights.
  • Cannot hit fallen targets.
  • Deals increased damage if the target is affected by Plague of Darkness's debuff.


Default CombosEdit

  • KeyA KeyS DE1Skill04 KeyA KeyA KeyA KeyA KeyA DE1Skill01
  • KeyA KeyS DE1Skill04 KeyA KeyDash KeyA KeyA KeyDash KeyA KeyA KeyA KeyA KeyA DE3Skill05
  • KeyA KeyS DE1Skill04 DE3Skill02 KeyA KeyA DE3Skill05

Player-defined CombosEdit

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  • KeyA KeyS DE1Skill04 DE3Skill02 (Cancel) DE3Skill05
    • (Requires DE3Skill02 Lv.7+)
  • KeyDash KeyA KeyS DE1Skill04 DE3Skill02 (Cancel) DE3Skill05
    • (Requires DE3Skill02 Lv.7+)
  • KeyA KeyS DE1Skill04 DE1Skill03
  • KeyDash KeyA KeyS DE1Skill04 DE1Skill03

Player OpinionEdit

  • Generally regarded as a good skill for combos, as well as for flinch-locking the targets.
  • Most players learn this skill.
    • Some players leave it at level 1, as the damage isn't great, and it has reduced effectiveness against bosses who cannot be comboed or flinched, and who would move out of the effective range.

All Dark Eir SkillsEdit

Attack enemies with the power of darkness. 'The power of deep darkness is a poison to the soul.'

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Use the powers of chaos, the mixture of both light and dark powers.

DE3Skill01 DE3Skill02 DE3Skill03 DE3Skill05 DE3Skill06 Myth DE3Skill05 DarkEir SkillLv75a

Use the powers of light to heal your party members.

DE2Skill01 DE2Skill02 DE2Skill03 DE2Skill04 DE3Skill04 DE2Skill05 Myth DE2Skill04

Use a magical blessing on your party members to enhance certain abilities for a set amount of time.

DE4Skill01 DE4Skill02 DE4Skill03 DE4Skill04 DE4Skill05

Enhance some of your abilities permanently.

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