Welcome to Eternal Lunia!

Register for an account at by clicking 'Your Account' at the top right of the page, followed by 'Create New Account'.

Upon registration, you will be prompted to select your server preferences. When you start a stage, you will connect to the preferred stage server of the party leader. If the first preference is down, you will automatically attempt to connect to the second preference, followed by the third. You may edit your server preferences via the User Control Panel in game.

Download the latest client from the "Client Download" link, located under the "Getting Started" drop down menu at the top of the page. Extract everything into a folder, and run "Lunia.exe". You may need to wait a few moments for the patcher to automatically update the client to the latest version. Once this is done, click "Launch Game" to play!

What's different from other servers?Edit

  • Classic Lunia server: This server is similar to the olden days of Lunia, before rebirth, myth, and high stats.
  • Reworked stages: History stages have been replaced with Legend stages, with mobs scaled down to the appropriate level.
  • No pay-to-win: The cash shop only offers cosmetic items. Functional cash items are obtained from quests instead.
  • Get the fashion of your choice: The cash shop does not sell random boxes; instead, you may directly purchase the fashionable items you want. All fashionable items have no stats, and all pets have the same stats.
  • New Conquest System: Conquests are like achievements, but with a twist: You will not be directly told how to complete them. Instead, it's like a riddle; hints will be given in the conquest's title or description.
  • PVP System: You may create a PVP Character by using 'PVP' anywhere in your character's name; it will start at level 75, but is only usable for PVP.
  • Guild and Family System: The maximum member count on all levels of guilds has been changed to 20, and joining a guild or family will enroll your entire account while using only one slot.
  • Screenshot Mode: You may hide the UI by holding down 'F11'.
  • No more endless re-leveling: You will only rebirth once, and it will not reset your level.

Getting StartedEdit

There are a few things you may want to take note of when playing for the first time:

  • The tutorial stage is broken, and cannot be completed.
  • You may purchase Rudolph pets, pet food, and Elven Fairy fashionable items for free in the Item Store.
  • Conquests can be accepted from the Aquarius squares, in the northern region on the left. As of the Episode 4 patch, players may also collect their quests from the quest button under the mini-map.
  • Due to the rework of history/legend stages, the old history no longer exists. As such, if you are creating a party, Legend 1-1 should be selected instead of History.

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