A Guild Bank is a feature where you can send items into storage for your guild's bank, where the items can either be withdrawn later.

The guild bank can store a virtually unlimited amount of one item, using only one slot. This means that if you want to, you can store 999,999,999,999 fortification stones on one slot! However, there is a caveat to this; you can only withdraw the amount that Lunia would natively stack. So if you try to withdraw more than 250 catalysts at one time, it will tell you that you can only withdraw 250 of them at a time.

Equipment and boxes also follow this rule, but have a secondary rule to them: since equipment can have different fortification levels and stats, only items with like stats will be grouped. This means that your CS+15 daru weapon will be in a separate slot than your clean daru weapon.

Anyone can deposit items to the guild bank. However, only the guild master and the position directly below it can withdraw items.

To access the guild bank, login to, and select "Guild Bank" in the header.

Depositing ItemsEdit

Send a mail to the character named BANK with the items you would like to deposit. The name is not case sensitive. You may not send gold.

Note that it must be BANK in English, and no other language.

Stamps are not required, unless you want to send multiple stacks of items at once. Regardless of whether or not stamps are used, the items will be instantly deposited into the guild bank.

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Withdrawing ItemsEdit

Under the "Vault" tab, look for the item you want to send. You may search for it by typing in the "Filter Items" field, and the item list will be updated as you type.

Click the mail icon beside the item. Enter the guild member's in-game name and the quantity you wish to send, and click send. The item will be sent via mail.

You may only send items if you are the guild master, or second highest rank, to users who are currently in your guild.


Every guild quest completed by any member of the guild gives 1 guild point for rewards. These points may be redeemed for additional items under the "Rewards" tab.

You may only redeem items if you are the guild master, or second highest rank.

All purchases will be sent to the vault.


You may check the history of the guild bank via the "History" tab. All withdrawals and deposits are recorded.

You may search the logs by typing in the "Filter Logs" field, and the list will be updated as you type. You may search by character name, item name, action (deposit / sent), or quantity.


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