Dashes in and cuts at the Achilles' tendons of an enemy. The affected enemy moves slower than normal for the duration of battle.

Attribute effect:Magical[Light]


  • Hits up to 6 times, at 0.4, 0.61, 0.8, 1, 1.21, and 1.4 seconds.
  • Debuff duration is always 10 seconds regardless of skill level.
  • Debuff is -10% speed at level 1, and an additional -3% speed for every level thereafter.
  • Can be dash cancelled after 0.633 seconds (Shortly after the second hit).
  • Cannot be skill cancelled.

All Asuka SkillsEdit

Sword Dance
Swiftly attack an enemy in front with a dancing sword.

D1Skill01 D1Skill02 D1Skill03 D1Skill04 Myth D1Skill02

Blinding Light
Knock back or inflict continuous damage to a target using the energy wave from your sword.

D2Skill01 D2Skill02 D2Skill03 D2Skill04 Myth D2Skill04 Myth D2Skill02

Sever Artery
Sever the target's nervous system with a swift and deadly slash.

D3Skill01 D3Skill02 D3Skill03 D3Skill04 Myth D3Skill03 DualWield SkillLv75

Cast a Blessing Spell on your friends to enhance some of their abilities for a duration.
Enhance some of your abilities permanently.

IncreasedMana IncreasedHealth DeadlyBlows Concentration HealthRegeneration ManaRegeneration Passive INCDef

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