Shoots a sacred bead that knocks back an enemy and delivers three additional blows.

Attribute Effect: Light


  • Can be skill cancelled.
  • Cannot be dash cancelled.
  • Cannot hit fallen targets.
  • Does not have a skill dye.

Skill TableEdit

Skill Lv. Required Lv. Damage Mp-
1 19 15~22 35
2 25 24~30 46
3 31 25~37 58
8 61 51~74 116
9 67 103~148 185
10 (Max) 73 114~164 205


Default combosEdit

Holy Spirit is not used in any default combos.

Player-defined combosEdit

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Note: Heal is used solely for cancelling, and can be replaced with Sunlight of Healing.

  • Estar MoonRage
  • Estar SelfHeal KeyDash HolyBottle
  • Estar SelfHeal KeyDash HolyWord
  • Estar SelfHeal KeyDash KeyA KeyS HolyBottle
  • Estar SelfHeal KeyDash KeyA KeyS HolyWord
  • Estar SelfHeal KeyDash MoonJail (Cancel after first hit) KeyDash MoonRage HolyBottle
    • (Requires MoonJail Lv.4+)


  • "Holy Spirit" is a biblical term common to Abrahamic religions. Its interpretation varies depending on the religion.

All Eir SkillsEdit

Restore your friends' HP or save their lives.

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