The Infernal Ruler's Set is an Eternal-Exclusive fashionable set. It is a recolored Spirit Ruler's set with a fiery motif, resembling flames or lava.

A full set consists of 7 parts; Weapon, head, body, leg, hand, foot, and support.

The weapon, head, body, and leg cost 350 L Coins each, while the hand, foot, and support cost 300 L Coins each. A full set will cost a total of 2300 L Coins. For Lime, the hand, foot, and support have no visual appearance; if those parts are excluded, the set costs a total of 1400 L Coins.


  • On 4th May 2017, a teaser video for this set was posted to Eternal Lunia's Facebook page.
  • This set was released during the Maze of the Moon patch on 6th May 2018.


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