Character InformationEdit

An ex-pirate and the headmistress of Ramancha Orphanage, Iris was abandoned by her parents as an infant then later found and raised by the infamous pirate, "Captain Jack Todde". Having the innate ability to cast fire magic, she became Jack's most capable lieutenant, striking fear into the hearts of her enemies, who nicknamed her the Flame Witch. But her ability had manifested itself too strongly and without the proper training, was quickly becoming unstable. Slowly, her power became more and more difficult to control until one day, that torrent of magic exploded during battle, scathing many of her fellow corsairs. Frightened by her erratic power, Iris instead devoted herself to cooking and tending the wounded. However, that ability within her would not allow her to lead a peaceful life... When a mysterious wizard in black 'persuaded' Jack Todde to give up the life of a pirate, Iris embarks on a quest to seek out the wizard responsible. Finally confronting the wizard, she discovers that it was Rigel, the royal archmage, who was behind it all. Rigel, intrigued by Iris’ power and potential, attempts to ‘persuade’ her to his own cause, but to no avail. Determined to remove any opposition in his way, yet unwilling to destroy the girl and her powers before studying them, Rigel throws Iris into a dungeon to rot. When Dainn and his troops eventually rout Archmage Rigel from the land, they find Iris and set her free. Noticing her potential and inability to control her own magic, Dainn began teaching Iris how to properly wield fire magic. Later, when Iris returned to her pirate haven, nobody was there to greet her. Having nowhere to go, Dainn sent her to the village of Ramancha, where she continued to learn magic under the guidance of Bradford while also attending to the orphans at a local orphanage. When an army of monsters led by a girl with silver hair invades the village, Iris is forced to don her battle gear to save her village home. Thus, the "Flame Witch" was reborn.


Iris is a Flame Witch. Despite her occupation, she plays more like a close range attacker than a spellcaster.

While not a good healer, she has party buffs, and can save her allies lives. Her most notable buff, "Spiritual Bargain", is the only heal-over-time buff that continues to work at 0HP.

Skills Edit

Swiftly attack enemies near and far with the chain sword.

IS1Skill01 IS1Skill04 IS1Skill03 IS1Skill02 IS1Skill05 Myth IS1Skill04 Myth IS1Skill02

Attacks the enemy with the power of crimson flame.

IS2Skill01 IS2Skill02 IS2Skill05 IS2Skill03 IS2Skill04 Myth IS2Skill03 Iris SkillLv75 Iris B3Skill04

Attacks the enemy with a powerful flame.

IS3Skill03 IS3Skill04 IS3Skill02 IS3Skill01 IS3Skill05 Myth IS3Skill03

Cast a Blessing Spell on your friends to enhance some of their abilities for a duration.

IS4Skill04 IS4Skill03 IS4Skill02 IS4Skill01

Enhance some of your abilities permanently.

IncreasedMana IncreasedHealth DeadlyBlows Concentration HealthRegeneration ManaRegeneration Passive INCDef


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