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He may now be called Moonlight Wolf in the Battlefield and has the reputation of the strongest warrior of history.

At the age of 10, he lost his parents to a group of random intruders that also abducted his baby brother. Since the day that his family was devastated, it became the purpose of his life to become strong, so he could avenge the death of his parents and find his brother. After 10 years in Batka Temple, he survived the hellish training course and earned the title, "Strongest Monk". But after a while, he stumbled upon a terrifying truth--Batka Temple and an influential person in the Lunia kingdom were responsible for the intruders that murdered his parents and abducted his brother.

Shocked and betrayed, he is now on a journey to find that influential person, the mastermind of everything that has happened in his life.


Krieg is a templar. He has mostly melee attacks, as well as some heals and buffs.

Krieg's can hold down 'S' to become invulnerable at the cost of gradually losing HP. However, if the HP reaches 0, Krieg will die.


  • Krieg is a free character, and does not need to be unlocked.



  • Krieg has the same stats as Ralph.
  • "Krieg" is German for "war".

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