Casts a spell that increases your and your party members' maximum HP for a duration of time.


  • This skill increases both current and maximum HP.
    • As such, it can be used to save dying players, although it does not show "Fantastic Save!".
  • If the buff is already in effect, the current HP will be increased.
  • If the target has learned Increased Health, both the current and maximum HP gained is increased by the percentage stated in the Increased Health skill.
    • Example: A player with Lv. 1 Increased Health who receives a Lv. 1 Life Extension (+500 HP) would have both their maximum and current HP increased by 500×101% HP, or 505 HP.
  • In the Character Information window, under the "Health" tooltip, the HP from this skill is listed as "Other".

Player OpinionEdit

  • Some players get level 1, for saving other players.
    • While the first level gives +500 HP before multipliers, each subsequent level gives only +100 HP.
  • Some players max this skill, using it as a buff and/or heal.
    • The additional buff duration helps with keeping the party buffed, and maxing it gives a total of 1,000 HP, which is 500 HP more than level 1.

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