While not the fastest way to earn money, fishing can be done even while away from the computer.

If fishing for money, Lowest Grade Baits should be used, to minimize costs.

Use the highest fishing rod for your level, and trade in all brown carps for coin boxes at Hemingway.

After rebirth, switch to the Event Fishing Rod.

Raid Daily QuestsEdit

Carlos Perdal gives a daily quest for each stage raid, which randomly awards 1 G ~ 250 G upon completion. The chances of getting a high amount of gold is low, but there are 12 quests.

As the daily restriction is on a per-character basis, having multiple characters will allow you to attempt the quests multiple times. It may be worthwhile to do the easier raid quests such as Yeti's Cave and Pumpkin Soul Graveyard on multiple characters, instead of doing all raids on one character.

(Legendary) Pirate King Roger's GraveEdit

Entering either Pirate King Roger's Grave or Legendary Pirate King Roger's Grave requires the appropriate ticket purchasable from the Merchandise Stores. Once purchased, you will be able to enter the stage for a week.

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