You may create a PVP character by using "PVP" in your character's name when creating a new character. This can be anywhere in the name, and is not case-sensitive. The created character will start at level 75, but be unable to connect to regular squares and stages; it will only be able to connect to the Perseus square, PVP rooms, or Practice Field.

PVP Characters CAN:

  • PVP with any character, be it a PVP character or a regular character
  • Trade with other players
  • Buy and sell items on the Market
  • Send and receive mails
  • Use the Guild Bank
  • Transfer cash items via the Bank
  • Join the Perseus square
  • Join the Practice Field

PVP Characters CANNOT:


  • When Eternal Lunia first opened, the starting level of PVP characters used to be 60. Shortly after, this was changed to 75, with all previously created PVP characters set to lv.75 as well.
  • As per Eternal Lunia's Terms of Service, participating in PVP match fixing, where one or more players intentionally allow themselves to be defeated, is illegal. Offenders may be banned, and/or excluded from the rankings.


PVP System

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