Resurrect a dead party member.


  • May be cast on either the tombstone or the ghost of the dead player.
    • If cast on the tombstone, the player is resurrected at the tombstone, regardless of where their ghost was.
    • If cast on the ghost, the dead player must be facing the caster, and will be resurrected at their current location.

Player OpinionEdit

  • Most players will get level 1, as levels 2 through 5 only increase the HP and MP the target gets after being resurrected.
    • Although higher levels will allow the caster to resurrect two players at once, it would require a skill dye, and is generally considered not worth the skill points.
  • The reagent required for this skill, Jewel of Life, costs 15 G. This can be prohibitively expensive to the Eir player. As such, it is customary for the resurrected player to refund the caster with 15 G, or a Jewel of Life, at the end of the stage.

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