Character InformationEdit

Sieg is an enthusiastic 17-year-old swordfighter.

His father was the leader of a highly reputable mercenary group that successfully embarked on many adventures.

Sieg is on a journey to find an answer to a puzzling note written by his father, and to find "Kseidon", a legendary dragon of which Sieg has heard from his father.

Sieg is simple-minded and easygoing, but he becomes unstoppable once he is angry.

He specializes in multiple slashes using a two-handed sword, and uses a variety of unique combo attacks.


Enhance some of your abilities permanently.

IncreasedMana IncreasedHealth DeadlyBlows Concentration HealthRegeneration ManaRegeneration Passive INCDef



  • "Sieg" is German for "victory".

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